Not Your Regular Closet

About Not Your Regular Closet

Welcome to our site Notyourregularclose by Estefania Belleza, known for her good taste in the clothing and modeling industry. She is also known as a good social Media influencer. She is a young business woman located in Montreal Qc, the notyourregularcloset is her second entreprise,she started her first entreprise in 2013 a small beauty salon known as Centre de Beaute Estefania. After many years of thinking, dreaming and planning about **Notyourregularcloset** website, I finally decided to share my wonderful ideas about selling only authentic  luxury designer brands.. However, this website is not only about clothing and accesories but it is also about any other products like house decor, kids stuff, shoes,extra clothes that we never or once wore desperately waiting to be worn, nice portrait art that no longer fit in our decor ect.

Our products come from suppliers and customers of good taste and high quality standards, therefore they are all new or used (like new), rare and very good quality.

The authenticity of our products is 100% guarantee or your money back.

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